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Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring for Engagement

Few things have as much symbolic significance as a diamond ring.
Julie Abelstedt
Grundare av Abelstedt

Few things have as much symbolic significance as a diamond ring. As a sign of deep love and togetherness, engagement rings belong to the rare category of objects that defy time: a precious piece of jewelry that is meant to be held tight, worn throughout life and passed down through generations.

It is said that the very first engagement ring was made by the Archduke of Austria to his beloved Maria of Burgundy in 1477. However, it was not until 1950 that engagement rings really came into their own, as diamonds became more accessible and seen as a valuable investment. From modern to classic designs, couples can today choose between a wide range of styles to find the diamond ring that best suits their tastes and preferences.


Simplicity at its best. The classic design of a solitaire diamond ring directs all attention towards a single central diamond or gemstone, such as a sapphire. The central diamond or sapphire is held by either four or six prongs, allowing a large amount of light to pass through the stone.


Halo rings increase the size of a diamond by surrounding it with a circle of smaller round diamonds which also emits a stunning glow. When combined with a central sapphire in a possible color other than white, a halo provides a great and beautiful contrast.

Double Halo

A very symbolic ring design that often attracts the most attention, as the diamond ring’s two halos of diamonds give a significant size to the diamond ring, even though the center diamond is not the largest. The two halos add dimension and twinkle to a design that definitely makes people look an extra time.

Diamond Ring with Unique Band around the Finger

With round brilliant diamonds set along the band in an eternity twist, this ring design directs the eye towards the central stone and complements its clarity and sparkle. A binding band will add a delicate touch to your diamond ring and create more width all the way around, while intricate details will offer a more vintage appeal.

Choosing Type of Gold

White Gold

This precious metal fits perfectly with gemstones and diamond rings. The reflective finish of white gold reflects the sparkle of the gemstones and enhances the fascinating effects of light throughout the stone as the bright color blends in perfectly.


Gold encloses diamonds in a warm sunny glow and provides great contrast to the gemstones. The 10-18 karat gold rings we offer are also resistant to abrasion and provide the ideal balance between color and durability.

Rose Gold (Must Be Inquired at Abelstedt)

Rose gold, which first appeared in Imperial Russia, offers classic romance and unmistakable warmth. The blushing pink hue of this metal contrasts well with the whiteness of the diamonds, revealing their intense clarity. Rose gold is also a durable option for diamond rings and is ideal for everyday use.

Choosing the Right Diamond Ring or Gemstone Ring

No two diamonds or precious stones are alike. To find the ideal ring, it is important to understand which type of diamond or gemstone best suits both your preference and your budget. Find out what is most important to you in an engagement ring: is it the size of the diamond/sapphire? Or would you prefer something smaller but of better quality? By reading our diamond guides you will gain a better understanding of carat, clarity, color, cut, and how each of them will affect the final price.

Diamond Shape

Your sapphire/diamond will be the central element of your engagement ring, so it’s best to choose a shape that suits both your taste and ring design. Certain shapes are cut in a way to maximize scintillation while others serve to enhance the clarity of a diamond.

The traditional and most coveted shape is the round one. With its 58 facets, this diamond carefully placed to achieve fascinating flashes of color. This is not to say that other shapes do not have the same appeal; the brilliant princess cut is also known to create intense scintillation.

Certain shapes, such as asscher and emerald, are cut in such a way that they enhance the clarity of a diamond and offer exciting flashes of light also known as the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ effect. These shapes also have a certain vintage appeal reminiscent of 1920s fashion.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

The vibrant colors of gemstones have captured the imagination of man for centuries and continue to fascinate us to this day. The engagement ring of the gemstone contains centuries-old symbolism that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether it is the intense blue color of a sapphire or the fiery red color of rubies, a gemstone becomes the unmistakable character of your ring. At Abelstedt we offer sapphire rings. Read here why you should choose a sapphire as the center stone in your diamond ring instead of a diamond.

Gå med i Julie Abelstedts smyckesvärld

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Gå med i Julie Abelstedts smyckesvärld
Nya kollektioner, stilinspiration, exklusiva pre-releases och mycket mer.

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