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After making an investment in great gold or silver pieces, make sure to invest time in taking care of them. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your jewelry for the rest of your life, and maybe let them go into generations?

So please do not neglect this by letting them become dirty.

Overall, gold and silver care is easy no matter whether it is white gold, gold, or silver, but it involves just a little bit of daily care. I would also suggest visiting your local goldsmith once or twice a year for some expert care. Because knowing that your jewelry and especially your rings are well taken care of makes you sure that you always shine to your fullest.

The reason why I say especially rings is that they are more prone to wear and tear than for example a necklace or a pair of earrings.

First of all, do not use toothpaste to clean your gold jewelry. It contains abrasives and that can harm both the gemstones and the metal. But using a toothbrush is a great idea to clean those dirty diamonds or crystals.

The reason why your stones often get dull is because of the dirt that gets under the stones, so using a toothbrush is perfect for getting that dirt away. If you want to clean your stones, then use soap and warm water and let the jewelry soak for around 4 hours. Now the dirt will begin to dissolve so you more easily can remove it with the toothbrush.

After cleaning the jewelry with the toothbrush, rinse under clean water and simply dry with a cloth. And to get that extra shine; use a jewelry polishing cloth right after.

Julie Abelstedt cleaning jewelry

For silver jewelry, I would recommend using a silver cleaner! This can often be found in your local supermarket.

Using silver cleaner on your silver pieces, you will notice that the cloth you are using will get dark and black. This is because silver will tarnish over time which is totally normal. So I can really recommend spending that extra 5 bucks on a bottle of silver cleaner.

In order to maintain the sparkling finish of your gold jewelry, you need to make a habit of storing each piece of jewelry separately. Use a jewelry box that has space enough for all your jewelry so it doesn’t lay on top of each other. In that way, you will also have a better, almost “walk-in closet” feeling, on what jewelry to wear a given day.

Take a look at Abelstedt's big luxurious Collector Box with a lot of space for all your jewelry. Mine is placed just besides my closet so I can open up after getting dressed and get a great overview of what I can wear today to complete my look.

Are you the kind of girl who sleeps with your jewelry? Don’t be! Dirt, bacteria, and oils that are built up on jewelry can affect your skin. But the biggest reason why you should not sleep with your jewelry is because it's the number one cause of losing stones since the prongs can move if the ring gets pressed a bit during sleep.

I will also soon make a blog post on how to keep your gold plated jewelry last longer. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter so you get the latest blog post from Abelstedt and me.

Big hugs,

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